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Convert Traffic to Sales

Convert Traffic to Sales

You hired a company like FSD Solutions. They made a very attractive-looking website and even did its SEO. You invested in your social media and PPC to increase your traffic, but now the issue is that all you got is traffic. You are not getting sales. People come to your website. They visit your site and leave without any interaction.

So how can you convert traffic to sales? What are the ways to make a sale through the traffic you get? At FSD Solutions, we are experts at such strategic planning. What you need to do is plan your entire strategy to convert these visitors into clients or sales. Today we are going to provide you with 5 ways to convert your traffic to sales.

Approach Visitors Personally.

Approach Visitors Personally

It would help if you approached your visitors personally. You can achieve this through many tools and techniques, like email marketing and live chat. Many tools exist to help you with these techniques. What you need to be careful about are the ethics of these techniques. There are some laws that you need to follow for these techniques.


  1. A live chat allows you to talk to your visitors when they search on your site for the product they may need.
  2. If you add a pre-chat form, you can capture the leads of your visitors for email marketing.
  3. Once you have a lead of your visitors, you can approach them with offers and discounts in their emails.
  4. All this will make it more probable to convert.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. When your website is worldwide, you need to be careful of the laws of multiple countries. For example, the UK has a very strict privacy law.
  2. Be quick to approach the visitor with a live chat but don’t be too hard on the visitor cause they may live.
  3. It would help if you were also careful that you wouldn’t be available 24/7, so the pre-chat will help you in this case.

Offer Knowledge Of Your Services.

Offer Knowledge of your services

If you are an expert in your field, then you have a lot of inside knowledge. Share your experiences and techniques. The more your visitors know about your product and the more they find it, the more they will buy from you specifically. When combined with your knowledge, you can use the live chat to schedule a consultation, making them even more prominent leads.

  1. Once you become a mentor, you don’t have to sell for people to buy. You have to teach. This is the magic here.
  2. Once you build a community, you will start getting sponsorship offers, a whole different cash cow.
  3. If your blog is a community and people making an income just due to your knowledge, you will always be surrounded by people who support you every step of the way.

Things to keep in Mind

  1. There will always be haters. Just keep going, keep working hard and increase the number of people you support enough that the haters can’t reach you.
  2. Keep your content unique and keep it exciting. The more entertaining it is, the more people you will attract.
  3. You will sometimes be criticized rightfully; don’t run from it; instead, if you’re being criticized rightfully, accept it and learn from it.

Be Active On Social Media.

Be active on Social Media

Social media is where you can find all gens but mostly the millennials and Gen Z. But as the average attention span of the world is reducing. You need to be active on your social media. Need to have a posting schedule, reply to your follower’s comments. You also need to keep an eye on your follower’s timelines and congratulate them when something good happens and be with them when they are sad about something. Try to be a part of their life, don’t just be on their phones. The more people will come to your profiles, the more they will visit your website.


  1. Social media is a great way to create super fans. Superfans are always there to listen to you, understand you, and even buy whatever you sell.
  2. Once your Social media Profiles have enough followers. You will receive sponsorships and collaboration offers, so we don’t stop.
  3. Once you have enough people on your profiles, you will increase sales or subscriptions of the service. People will consider you as an authority in your field.

Things to keep in Mind

  1. Every social media platform has a different algorithm. You have to account for all those different strategies. Start by posting 1 type of content on all of them and learn as you grow.
  2. Never be rude to anyone on your social media, and sometimes a dissatisfied customer will come to your social media and complain. So be patient and deal with that customer respectfully.
  3. You may have to invest in collaborations at the start to grow your profile. However, it is your choice.

Be The Brand Yourself.

Be the brand yourself

Your company or brand must have a face. People trust those brands more who have a face. There are great examples of this, like Tony Robbins. It is most preferred that you are the face of your brand. This way you won’t have to depend on anybody. If you can impact people’s lives with your personality, you will increase traffic and sales.


  1. If you as a person are trusted, your brand is more trusted. It is all about trust. The more people trust you, the more they are viable to buy.
  2. When people know you, they trust you and trust you. They understand you as they understand you. They agree and support you.
  3. When you have so many people supporting you, it makes it easy to bring in more people and grow bigger and faster.

Things to keep in Mind

  1. You must be clear of any controversy or scandal. The more people have eyes on you, the more vulnerable you become.
  2. Your privacy will take a hit. Being a celebrity is not easy. People will follow you, ask for selfies, and interrupt you on the street.
  3. You have to share many details of your life and work with the world, also being the face of the company means you will be incredibly busy.

Make Your Fans Recommend You.

Make Your fans Recommend you

Once you have a good number of superfans, you can offer them some benefits in return for promoting your products. Do giveaways, competitions, and even courses for using your products. Make people want more by showing them more products that they would have to work for. They will want it, and the super fans that would receive your gift will share your gift on social media. This is called user-generated content.


  1. User-generated content is free and most genuine marketing. When a user of your product shows off your product, it means it is a good product.
  2. You can use this technique on many platforms in reviews, video reviews, even funny memes.
  3. The user-generated content is far more trusted and accepted online, which can make a huge positive impact on your sales.

Things to keep in Mind

  1. User-generated content can also be used against you. If a customer is unsatisfied, they can even leave a bad review and a bad video and recommend not to buy your product.
  2. This is a very sensitive way of promotion. It can simply make or break your brand.
  3. User-generated content is most productive if it’s done naturally.

Final Conclusion

All these are full-proof ways to convert traffic to sales. But it does require effort and a team. If you focus on doing all this, you may not get a chance to do what you want to do. You may need to hire a digital marketing solution, but you need to be careful when outsourcing these services. We have a detailed blog post on outsourcing digital services, so be sure to read it before you hire.