Privacy Policy

Respect Client’s Privacy.

FSD Solutions is an Information Technology Company. We have more than 17 years of experience. We have known and abide by all privacy laws your information is not shared by anybody we Respect the Client’s privacy. This is the most important factor we focus upon. 

Please Note: When you make a query on our contact us form or the chat support system. We collect some of your data mainly, Your name and contact information. This information of yours is strictly kept private only the staff members who are in direct communication with you know this information e.g The Support Staff.

During your communication with our staff. Your information is never once made public. However, your name and contact may be mentioned in our contract agreements and other public documents. These documents are kept secured in our project library to keep a record of our previous dealings. We never disclose this to anyone and you will never receive any spam from us. With us, you are not anonymous but are well protected. As we mentioned above we respect the client’s privacy.

Intellectual Property Rights.

The Projects you hire us for will be listed in our portfolio. As a disclaimer, we do mention that all logos, trademarks, and websites used in our portfolio and blog posts are all property of the original owners of those symbols. FSD Solutions does not own any of these Brands unless we specifically mention our in-house projects. 

These Projects are only used as references in our blog posts or we have worked for these projects, therefore, they are listed as individual pages in our portfolio. We never claimed to own these projects or never copied their content or Ideas for our benefits FSD Solutions respect the client’s privacy and intellectual property rights. We do not use images of different companies unless it is to reference that exact company or unless we have worked for that particular company in the past.

FSD Rights Reserved.

As we respect the client’s privacy and their intellectual property rights. We have some rights of our own. We only use some other companies’ related images or information just to reference their work and expertise. We only use their information under the guidelines of fair use. Never promote our projects.

We never outsource our work and never hire anyone for fixing any issues on our site. FSD Solutions Provide Services to other companies. With the agreement to display our work in our portfolio. So for any work you see in our portfolio, please keep in mind that we are permitted to display that particular intellectual property in our portfolio by our client.

FSD Solutions has the right to update our privacy policy in the future concerning new privacy and Intellectual property laws. Currently, FSD Solutions are abiding by privacy and intellectual property laws.


All trademarks shown in our blog posts and portfolio are displayed either to reference those brands or to display the work we have done for them. FSD solutions have used these trademarks under the guidelines of fair use. The displayed trademarks and images used in our blogs belong to their respective owners. Thanks for reading. Thanks for reading.