10 Mobile Games Enhance Mind Power of Humans

Mobile Games Enhance Mind Power

Mobile Games Enhance Mind Power

The common facet of inexplicable phone addiction is the new trend of this modern generation. Although almost any technological device is fascinating to them, yet using and carrying flexibility of mobile make this gadget an absolute favorite among the youngsters. Taking advantage of this addiction, Mobile Game Development Companies design games to earn business prosperity.

Keeping the harmful effects of mobile and games aside, there are some significant utilities associated with playing mobile games that only scanty numbers of people are aware of. According to an authentic study conducted in the recent past has evidenced that grown-ups who spent at least an hour playing certain brain training games had a 48% lesser chance of developing dementia in the future.

Another significant research has shown that brain exercise games have cured 195 patients of psychological disorders. So, the next time any senior tells you about how mobile game is damaging your brain do not hesitate to enlighten them in these facts of mind power enhancing mobile games.

In this write-up, we will discuss the top mobile games that enhance mind power of human minds. Let us now identify these useful games and elaborate on the features.

  1. Peak


Credit: Peak

This gaming app emphasizes the sharpening of cognitive abilities like mental strength, memory, focus, and problem-solving skill. Once you develop the interest to play its Sudoku puzzle and number popping game, you can experience mind agility and increased concentration power. Furthermore, games such as smiling face spotting frowning face ignorance trains are beneficial in emotional training as well.

  1. Lumosity


Credit: Lumosity

Lumosity is the most famous name when it comes to brain training games. It incepted in the year 2007 and today is takes pride in more than seventy million of customers. Its system thrives under the guidance of neuroscientists and software developers who act jointly to launch cognitive boosting games.

The special feature of this app is once you start with it the software will analyze your present mind tenacity and thereafter create a personalized gaming plan for you. The preliminary level of this program is free, but if you are craving varieties then a subscription purchase is essential.

  1. Elevate


Credit: Elevate

It is still one of the best game development marvels ever. Elevate comprises games that focus on academic tasks like reading, writing, and math. Its game which requires you to insert synonyms rather than choosing once is highly effective in mitigating memory and speech issues. Other tests like grammar and spelling hone an individual’s learning skills.

  1. Eidetic


Credit: Eidetic

With this app on your smartphone, you can train your brain at any time and any place. Eidetic functions on certain psychological principles that provide memory stimulation. Its “spaced repetition” requires you to choose information which you would like to store, and thereafter its interruptive technique holds quizzes on the stored information. This app still holds the reigning position of best brain training apps in 2019.

  1. Math Workout

Math workout

Credit: Math Workout

As the name suggests, this mobile gaming has an unwavering focus on developing the mathematical skills of human minds. The game development company dealing in this app has designed an enriching numeric game session to improve the human mind and memory. If even you manage to spend fifteen minutes on this app, you are bound to feel a sense of accomplishment.

  1. CogniFit


Credit: Cognifit

The service of this app encompasses stimulating cognitive skills, catering to memory tenacity, and facilitating spatial perception. If you feel that your mind has been going haywire recently, and an immediate peace restoration is crucial then opt for CogniFit. It provides a holistic mental exercise and thereby positively regulating mind function. It does not end here. The company associated with this game development has been sponsoring authentic studies to spread awareness on utility derived from these gaming exercises.

  1. Memorado


Credit: Memorado

Have you been looking for a fun and free brain training app? Then download Memorado today without any delay. This app has over twenty-four games each amounting to more than seven hundred levels. It creates personalized mind workouts for you that sync in well with your mental requirement. On top of that, Memorado also contains “Mindfulness” game sessions that help in stress reduction. No wonder it is one of the best free brain training apps in 2019.

  1. Circles


Credit: Circle

Brain training games do not need to be complex instead its simplistic application and usage will create a more positive user experience. Circles are on such an app that is minimalist in approach. The simple games such as observing and repeating a series of multicolored sounds and lights are going to wield a positive effect on both long-term and short-term memory.

You can further share these games with your peers thereby helping them to experience mind agility. Another interesting fact is the proceeds earned from these app downloads are used for funding research on Alzheimer’s. Is it not a novel gesture?

  1. NeuroNation

Neuro Nation

Credit: NeuroNation

Physical fitness is intertwined with the health of your brain and to ensure well being of your brain, downloading the NeuroNation gaming app is a must. The memory games housed in this app are focused on training human intelligence and concentration. Moreover, your logical skills get improved if you at least afford to spend fifteen to twenty minutes on these personalized memory games. This free app is available on both the Google Play store and Apple store hence do not delay and download NeuroNation today.

  1. Clockwork Brain

Clockwork Brain

Credit: Clockwork Brain

The aesthetics of this gaming app is eccentric and displays a steampunk visual. However, do not take this game lightly due to its non-serious look. Each play session consists of four tasks the difficulty level of which rises with every advancing session. It stimulates your brain to its fullest potential. Patience is the key to do well in this game and emerge as the winner in this extremely rigorous mind game. You can also purchase other varieties of exercises by paying genuine money or using in-game currencies.

Final Words:

Game App Development Companies have contributed significantly to mankind by launching these apps mobile games that enhance mind power. They have an unwavering focus on mental health and stability. Make sure you download the apps that you find to be the best for yourself and do not forget to share this list with your near and dear ones.