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Factors to increase app engagement

Factors to increase app engagement

These days creating an app is almost like child’s play. The challenge lies in building and maintaining a loyal and engaged user base. For that, your app needs to be highly innovative, competitive, and even unique.

App engagement plays a very important role in optimizing mobile applications to boost user engagement. It describes how active users are on the application. While this a somewhat subjective metric, Locality describes the highly engaged users as those that have 10+ sessions per month. The matter of fact to be noted here is, if in case the app is opened only once in 7 days then it clearly states that there is a 60% probability of it being opened and used again. The sustenance of an App in such a competitive market is a matter of concern for many of us. The solution to this is In-App Engagement which has been rightly developed to invoke Customer Loyalty.

Push Notifications:

Push Notifications is the most proven out of all the Factors to increase app engagement. The major objective of using Push Notification is to draw users back to your app. The added feature is the customization of the notifications which can be flexible as per the target audience. Customization of the notifications can be based on varied factors including past preferences, behavior, and engagement with the app. Push Notifications can help your visitors with a definite reason to return and revisit your app. 

App Updates:

To have an app contextually significant, it’s important to update the app with new experiences & new features. To update an app, user feedback plays a crucial role. To select new features to include in the app needs analytics, tracking user behavior, and keeping track of the features which are driving usage. Freshening up your app is one of the best Factors to increase app engagement.


The safest way of driving and maintaining the engagement of users is to offer them incentives. Offering users with rewards, discount coupons, gifts, privileged content access, customized promotions can lead your app to drive high engagement levels. The incentive type which needs to be provided to the users solely depends on the app’s nature. The design of the incentive should be done keeping in mind, the target audience and their interaction with the app.


One of the best experiences to be offered to the users can be a personalized one through the app. The best and the easiest way of personalizing the app is to include a username and display a picture. The other way out can also be through sending the notifications which suits the best to the preference of the user.

App Tracking Tool:

Only building an app is not enough, you must track the engagement of users who download it. You require to see what occurs after someone downloads your app, and maybe direct them according to their interests. That’s why it is essential to keep yourself up with some in-app tracking tools & keep yourself aware of the activities of users within your app. After picking your app tracking tool, you must determine the events you want to follow.

Final Conclusion

App Engagement is affected by many factors. Your app can become a passive source of income from a business if you utilize the factors to increase app engagement. The above mention is one of many useful factors that can help you increase the engagement of your app.

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