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Hello, readers, so good to have you all here. We are back with another exciting blog post that will increase your knowledge and help you make the right decisions for your business needs. Our today’s blog post is very similar to our last blog post about the topic of “why custom web development.” Today we are looking into template-based websites and cms based websites. We will look into if they are the right choice for your business needs?

Template-based websites are, you guessed, sites that are made from editing pre-existing templates or using those templates completely. At the same time, CMS-based websites are websites that are based on content management systems. These both can help you save time, expense, resources. They both can benefit you in many ways. But these options are not perfect even though they have some flaws. Let’s get into the details of today’s topic.

Pros And Cons Of Template Based Website

Template Based website


Using a template-based website can benefit you in many ways. If you are not a professional but do have a little bit of code knowledge, you can save time from the design and structure. However, this is only true for free templates. If you are willing to pay for a template, you can get a better-looking premium template for your website. 

These templates will be equipped with better functionality, animations, and custom-themed graphics. For a small price, you can buy a complete function website for the price of a template. In terms of templates, you get what you pay for. You can get a simple PSD mockup or a complete deployable website.


All the pros mentioned above may seem great, but there are a few setbacks. These template-based websites could look very similar to each other. Meaning it can be easily identified that you’re using a template. Plus, templates can be dangerous if you download or buy from a scratchy torrent site or any unknown provider. They can contain links to other websites that can cost you your hard work at SEO or even contain malware that can steal data, leading to bigger problems like an accusation of personal and private information theft.

If your template source is not well known and you have downloaded it from any online template directory. There can be issues related to website security, structure, and functionality. These templates are not unique to your website. Many other people have bought them, and if one of their sites gets hacked due to the template, your site could be next. So only buy from authorized and trusted template websites.

Pros And Cons Of CMS Based Website

Cms Based website


CMS-based websites are very easy to make. Even if you have no experience in coding, you can get the best-looking unique website. By having unique cool graphics and cms, you can design your website with just drag and drop. A CMS will provide you with better security and functionality compared to a template. You can still customize your web design and functionality and use the cms to manage your web page content if you like.

The most popular CMS in the world right now is WordPress. It’s simple to install, free, and open-source, meaning if you are interested in learning to code, you can check the code of this free product, through which you can customize, modify, and even copy its main features. You can add awesome designs to your website using themes and new functionalities through plugins. Most of them will be paid. WordPress does require some learning, but if you are willing to limit your level of customization, you can completely make your site on Wix.


A CMS-based website pretty much has the same issues as a template-based website. Many other websites probably use your website’s themes and plugins, and if one gets a cyber attack due to the same resources you are using, your site can be next. Your website can look a lot similar to other websites as if you have copied or they have copied you.

The biggest factor here can be that if your website uses many different functions, it can be costly as you will have to purchase premium versions of mostly free plugins. But if you are willing to pay the cost, you can have greater functionality and even better customizability. Another drawback is that your site could get slow due to the huge number of resources WordPress and any other CMS loads when a visitor opens your website.

Should You Use A CMS And Templates

Custom or Template or CMS

Suppose you are a huge company and have a very large website that manages all your company’s data, online, and network-related functions. Then it would help if you were opting for a completely customized web interface. This is because you probably can afford and are willing to spend the right amount on your company’s web interface.

Suppose you are a mid-sized business that needs some unique functionality to grow and online functions like e-commerce and payment gateways. Using a CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and many others will be a better option for you because your site and company are not big enough to protect and secure your data with custom technologies. You can save your intellectual properties using plugins because your site and company are small and run without these special functionalities.

If you are a small local business and only need a website as a front for your local store, you don’t need a lot of online functionality. Then both CMS and template-based options are feasible for you. You can customize a template, host it on a server with your domain name, and you are good to go, or you can host WordPress on your site and make your website making the process even easier.

Final Conclusion

The above mentioned are 3 different options for 3 different types of businesses. FSDSolutions is a leading intelligent digital service company with experience of over 16+ years in providing web services to all sizes of businesses. We are the right company to tell you what your business needs. Your business size, business model, and work area will decide which services are the right services for your business.

Whether you need a Custom, CMS, Or Template-based website, you will get the right services that are sustainable and profitable for your business. This level of diversity and flexibility is what sets solutions apart from their competition. All you need to do is schedule a free consultation session, and we will assign a dedicated consultant for your digital project. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, and it was helpful to you.