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These are just a few of the many testimonials and recommendations we have received in our 16+ Years of experience. These will give you a good idea of what our clients say about us.
Mariia Fagereva

Russian Federation.

The Russian company is grateful to you for the quick and high-quality work
I am grateful to this company! They were able to do an extension that no developer in my country could do. If we need any more complex development, I will definitely turn to them
Erik Lundmark of Leomark Studios

United States

Hiring someone unknown from a website always involve a certain leap of faith. Hiring the team from FSD Solutions was a leap of faith that proved a safe, soft landing. Their team executed our requests fast and brilliantly. Highly recommend them for any project where you need trust and skills.

United States

The project has been right on schedule and your team was great to work with. Their timelines helped the process run very smoothly. We really liked the open communication that we had during project development.

United States

The project was fully completed and expectations were met. I will continue to work with this team in the future.
Neill Ray

United States

FSD delivered a database-driven website, . This very challenging project required hosting, and SQL Server expertise. FSD includes Issue Manager, an issue management tool, to facilitate the tracking and resolution problems. FSD is professional and committed to getting it right. I would use FSD again.

United States

In his project the team at FSD solutions created the look of my website. They were always professional and timely with their communications. There was a few times we needed to communicate to make sure there was understanding of what I needed, but in the end the site turned out to be what I needed. They have done an excellent job.

United States

We are very satisfied with what FSD IT Services and Support did at every level for our company, and I will be glad to answer any questions potential clients may have for reference.
Jason Smith, Ed.D.

United States

FSD Solutions are great partners who have intelligent, thoughtful staff who listen and produce what we need, over and over again. We think of FSD more as an extension of our company than we do as a company that we work with.
Randy Smith, PowerUp Electric

Bossier City, LA, United States

These guys are true professionals. in the past I've gotten mixed results from others. This professional communicated on daily basis, a major plus for me. They came out of the chute with a creative design for the website and worked well with our team. We would highly recommend them to others.
Irene Waller, IEW Systems

Lancaster, PA, United States

FSD Solutions is great. It has been great working with FSD.
Ralph Mazzio

Danbury, CT, United States

Michael Cho

Monroe, NC, United States

Highly recommend FSD solutions for your PHP development needs. Absolutely no problems with timeliness, communication and technical skills. Developer was very creative in his ideas and we are very happy with our website.
Neil Tucker, Neil Tucker Inc.

Orlando, FL, United States

The FSD team has just started the project, but they have been very prompt and professional so far. They have done a good job in giving me a timeline for the different parts of the project.
John Hutcherson, The Better Web Movement

Nashville, TN, United States

FSD Solutions were perfect for my project! They were extremely patient, prompt and professional. I highly recommend them and hopefully will work with them again. Thank you so much!
Reschad Oliver, Jehovah Shalom Group, LLC

Wichita, KS, United States

FSD Solutions is the real deal, a 7 star company that deserves nothing less. The project manager for the project displayed an attitude and a work ethic that would revile some fortune 500 CEO's. FSD Solutions gave me a confidence and reassurance from their daily email updates and 4 telephone conference. My first website designers/programmers Gants Software failed in every aspect of the word but were they failed FSD solution picked up and gave new life. Thank you FSD Solution I can't wait to work with you guys again.
Steven Vrancken

Lier, Flemish Region, Belgium

FSD Solutions did the job nicely as I expected / requested, Thanks.
Jesus Aguilar-Otero, J T Lynn Inc

Chico, CA, United States

FSD Solutions is a great company to have work for you!! Here at Tamara's Boutique we love their work and would recommend them to anyone and everyone that is looking for an awesome company to work for them!! Thanks a lot FSD Solutions for doing such a great job on our background for MySpace!! Regards Tamara's Boutique Background for Company profiled MySpace.
Chris, FISO Limited

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Project completed efficiently with good communication.
Stevie, S.H. Consultancy Services Ltd

Eastleigh, Hampshire, United States

Great company to have writing your App. They have been very understanding and quick to communicate if something has been a problem or a workaround is needed. I would highly recommend this team of guys to get your App to market with the least amount of fuss. Fantastic professionals all round. Thank you.

San Antonio, TX, United States

These guys were professional throughout Version 1 of this start-up project. It did take 7 months on a 5 month estimate, but a lot of that had to do with the changing complexity of my project. They were happy to adapt with me on the changes neither of us could have foreseen, and I did concede a couple things could wait until Version 2. While I'm American, they showed a deeper understanding of my project than anyone else (local developers included) I was considering from the start. Over the 7 months of development, that understanding proved to be consistent and important to the successful completion. I had real doubts anyone would actually complete this project for me as 1 developer in Austin, TX had already failed and returned some of my money. I really couldn't be happier with their performance and the overall product at the end of Version 1. I expect I'll need several more versions of my website & app, and I am excited to know I've found an honest, hard-working, intelligent group of guys that can produce and expand upon the ideas I have. If you are considering this group for your project, I would not hesitate to give them the work.
Robert, TyDy Plane Videos

Boca Raton, FL, United States

We are most of the way thru my project and FSD has been great. They have been communicating throughout as promised and my website is shaping up nicely.
Ana Perez

Ashburn, VA, United States

I have really enjoyed working with the FSD team. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for any web solutions. Thank you for your exceptional service. Thanks.
Ross M. Gile

United States

We've been using FSD Solutions for 1 year and we've been very lucky to find a great company like FSD Solutions. FSD has been very dependable and never misses a deadline. They always get the job done - even if it requires more work beyond the budgeted hours and cost. If our clients are not happy, they make sure the client is happy 100% and will do what it takes to get the job done. FSD always find the resources to make sure the project is 100% acceptable by our clients. We highly recommend FSD.
Jason Smith

United States

FSD Solutions are great partners who have intelligent, thoughtful staff who listen and produce what we need, over and over again. We think of FSD more as an extension of our company than we do as a company that we work with.

United States

They have been great to work with and we are still working this project, I am very satisfied thus-far and would recommend these fine gentlemen.
Said Abedi

United States

I sign off on the project. You and your team have gone above and beyond our expectations. We are very satisfied with the project.

United States

All of my interactions with this company have been very positive. They were innovative, creative, and met time goals as agreed. I have been very pleased with their follow-up and pleasant attitude. My calls or emails are always answered in a timely manner. They have done great work at a very reasonable rate and I would highly recommend them for your project.

United States

I'm really impressed with the design you provided, it was done nicely, professionally and also in a very short time. I hope to hire you again for all my other graphic related needs I have

United States

Great to work with and really pressured me and kept me on task to complete this milestone. Most programmers are happy to never call or follow up in my experience. I'll admit I'm poor sometimes about staying on task and their daily pursuit and pleasant persistence. They seem to have a rather large staff and are handling other random projects for me as well. lead catch real estate website.
Claytonr, Venture Research LLC

New Orleans, LA, United States

Timely work, came up with good ideas, communicates daily.
Lane Bowers, Lane Bower Inc.

Winter Haven, FL, United States

Great work with fantastic professionals. I am impressed with the constant communication skills to verify that the work is being completed as requested. Your flexibility for quick change is what we need. I am happy to promote you to all my colleagues.
Steven Hall, inCORPrates, LLC

Eastlake, OH, United States

FSD has been very professional & on time with their work. We look forward to utilizing their services again in the future. Thanks FSD!
Jeffrey Hancock, Texas Ranches

United States

These guys do very good work by any standard. For their price, they are an exceptional value. Great communication and very responsive to my design feedback.
Ahmed Haq

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

World class company that never fails to communicate with you on a daily (and sometimes multiple times) - have used their services over and over and will continue to use them for all my complex programming needs. Thank you FSD Solutions.
T&S Appliances

Newport News, VA, United Kingdom

FSD Solutions was wonderful, they were very insightful, courteous, creative, understanding and prompt. I've enjoyed working with them and would do it again. Thank you so much.

United States

Thank you making the integration of my website seamless. I am so fortunate to have found 'the right people' for the right job. Also, thanks for getting back to me quickly with progress reports.
Jack Sarlo, Jack Sarlo Straight Talk, Inc

Malta, Malta

I really like the template that was sent to me, it's very professional, it's just perfect.

Rome, Lazio, Italy

FSD Solutions implemented my project in a professional and timely way. Their communication is precise and courteous. Their turnaround time was exactly as they had anticipated. They offer competent and skilled service at reasonable prices. In the light of my positive experience I do recommend FSD Solution services without any hesitation.
Edward Loew, Actual Credit Worth

Asheville, NC, United States

Superb work. Timely, exactly as expected. I intend to use them for additional projects. All programmers should learn to be this professional.
Ric, Access Mobile Solutions Inc.

Greenwood Village, CO, United Kingdom

Solid provider. Excellent progress reporting and good people. There are a LOT of good people out there, what sets FSD apart is the regular communication you can count on. Good rates, great people. Will be a first 'go to' for other projects.
Pete Blews, American Torch Tip

Bradenton, FL, United States

The knowledgeable and helpful development team has been great to work with in creating the project specs and in developing the artwork needed for our app. Careful, yet speedy programming.

Washington, DC, United States

FSD Solutions has been great. So far the work they have done has been just what we asked for. They have communicated with us through the whole process.
Gary Cane

Wilmington, NC, United States

I had a great experience. Everything with my project was done in a timely manner and done well. Thanks!
Robert, Angel Enterprises

Detroit, MI, United States

FSD Solutions was called on to produce a video for us of which they did a good job. The team is qualified to render videos that will service ANY business. We are thankful to them for their experience and cooperation.
Anna Lerus

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great follow up. They were able to answer all of my concerns during the project until full satisfaction. The project was fully completed and expectations were met. I highly recommend their services.
Richard, Radamy

Tampa, FL, United States

Great work and great communication I would highly recommend this provider.
Mike & Leon McKenzie

United States

Andrew Nathaniel Forde

United States

I have been a devote client of FSD for the last two years from projects ranging from big to small, simple to complex (computational processing) and have had nothing but positive experiences. Their attention to detail, commitment to work until you are satisfied, and flexibility have given me the team that I need to complete projects that vary in scale. I am most impressed by their ability to R&D solutions to problems that have no direct answer, in areas that a lot of the programming world find challenging. Moreover, you do not feel like you are working with an overseas team. You feel like they are where you are, working alongside you. I plan on using FSD for many years to come.
Charisse Beach

United States

The FSD team's eye for detail is unquestionably stellar. The team demonstrated passion and expertise for their individual roles in the development of my iOS Mental Health Intervention App and its accompanying website, which debut July 22, 2015. I am excited to announce the production of my Android model within days! I highly recommend this 5-star team and look forward to our continued partnership
Crystal Campbell

United States

Working with the team at FSD Solutions was a great experience. We came to FSD with a design for our website. The team took what we had created, and turned the idea into reality. They worked very closely with us regarding questions, comments, and changes to our website. FSD also recommended changes that helped enhance our website! We appreciate all that FSD Solutions has done for our company, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.
R. Noorani

United States

I want to thank FSD Solutions for making our website look phenomenal! I was impressed by the team’s dedication to completing the site in a timely manner.
Salman Malick

Plano, TX, United States

FSD team did a superb job. With many changes that took place during the project, they stayed flexible and open minded. Communication was another strong point. They kept us informed on progress on every milestone of the project. I could call them anytime and their Web development team was always there to pick up the phone and I was able to talk to the right person. My project was completed within time and budget and with zero issues.
Larry TenBrink, Creative Journeys, Inc.

Frisco, TX, United States

FSD Solutions have been incredibly easy to work with. I gave them a huge and very challenging project and one which is very dynamic in nature. A lot of changes had to be made along the way, most the result of my need for perfection. They handled everything with speed and cooperation. Our site is almost done and I believe it is the best one in our industry. This group is very refreshing to work with and I recommend them highly. Greeting card ecommerce web site.
Dave Precht, Heather Road

Long Beach, CA, United States

FSD Worked Closely with me in developing my website from scratch. They were very accommodating in answering all my requests and fast in responding to all changes. Their CMS system works as I envisioned and am happy with the power I have with my website. I would definitely recommend FSD and will continue to use them in the future for my web needs.
Rebecca Lottridge Becky, Skye Closing

Gahanna, OH, United States

I am extremely happy with FSD. Muhammad has truly been a savior. I have already recommended them to others. The design work, communication, and delivery dates have been outstanding.
William Wagner, Early Alert, Inc

Key Largo, TX, United States

We are very pleased with FSD Solutions work. They were timely, efficient, very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them!
Lindsey Whelan, dBHeard Publishing Group

Havant, Hampshire, United States

FSD Solutions have done an excellent job providing customer support for us. I'm really impressed 🙂
Rick Rhodriquez, Outdoor Debt Collectors

San Antonio, TX, United States

I would rate this web developer A+, because he gets the job done effectively without delay. The price is reasonable and he goes the extra mile to satisfy our website needs.
Jeffrey Richman, U.S. Financial Funding

Charlotte, NC, United States

FSD Solutions has shown a complete understanding of what I was looking for in my website. I am extremely pleased with what they did in completing my website and smile to myself every time that I log on to view it. They have done an exemplary job and I couldn't be happier with the results. I am so pleased that I am having them work on a minimum of 4 other projects that I need completed. They are one of the only teams that I have come across that have been able to take my vision and make it a reality.

North Little Rock, AR, United States

It has been a pleasure working with FSD. The staff is very knowledgeable and will teach you how to deal with as well as talk to website designers. The biggest surprise was the cost. FSD gives you allot for cheap. This is something you cannot find anywhere.

United States

FSD Solutions is your one stop shop, really helped me out when I had to change hosting companies right away. They were there and did a nice and quick job. FSD is great to work with, I am elated this is a long-term business relationship. Their work and customer service is five stars plus! Your gain if you pick for work! Thank you again FSD.
Shayne, Credit Builders Inc

Elkhart, IN, United States

Great work done by a great, talented team.
Chris , Covenant

Cedar Hill, TX, United States

FSD Solutions has been very patient while we have been very slow in making decisions. Their professionalism and kindness in offering solutions is very helpful and the solutions they have offered are top notch. We appreciate the quality work FSD Solutions has provided.
Chris Harbaugh

Dayton, OH, United States

This is a good working relationship. They stay on top of you to complete the project on time and I never have to chase them. If anything they push me to stay on track which is extremely helpful. Communication is easy VIA text message and calls if necessary. Quick to respond and always there.
Willem Van, Carp Anglers Group

Kyle, TX, United States

It was a great pleasure working with these guys from FSD. They understood exactly what I needed and did an excellent job recreating my project. I strongly recommend their services.
Christopher Culp

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

They have been great to work with and we are still working this project, I am very satisfied thus-far and would recommend these fine gentlemen.
Anna Lerus

Ontario, Canada

Extremely satisfied with FSD. Attentive to my needs and details, active listener and effective doers. They work on the website and made sure that all features work effectively. They gave life to my business. Now they will be doing the app Android and IOS. I highly recommend their services.

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